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Exam at ifa Akademie


ifa Akademie offers four different German language certificates:

ifa-Certifikate (for all levels - A1-C1)
Goethe Institut Certificates (currently for levels B1 and B2)
telc Certificates (for all levels - A1-C1)
TestDaF Certificates 

You may complete your preferred German language examination at the end of each level. Exams are not part of a language course, but may be booked separately. This gives you the chance to choose the certificate which best serves your needs. 


ifa Akademie Certificates

ifa Akademie exams can always be taken at the end of a level. You can book the exams directly in the customer office. The ifa Academy exams are always held on the two days immediately after the course ends.

You can also book an examination from the ifa Academy flexibly as needed. Our examiners then look for a suitable date together with you.

After a successful examination, you will receive an ifa Akademie certificate. Certificates from ifa Academy are recognized documents and are proof of the level which you have successfully completed. 

The fee for an ifa Akademie exam is uniformly 85.- €. Please make the booking with our customer service.

Goethe Certificates

Certificates from the Goethe-Institut meet the highest standards and are recognized worldwide. Exams are offered from level A1 to C2 as well as for German for professionals.

The Goethe-Institut stands for quality. Experts with teaching and exam experience work out the test assignments. The final editing takes place at the headquarters in Munich. Before the test, the examination materials are tested under test conditions and the results are qualitatively and quantitatively evaluated. The examiners are trained in centralized and decentralized seminars.

B1/B2 Exams 2019

17.05., 02.08., 18.10. and 17.12.2019

Examination dates telc:

telc certificates (The European Language Certificates) are based on the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" (GER).

It comprises six levels, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. These levels are based on generally compulsory competence descriptions of the Council of Europe. They are comparable across Europe and have a high international value.

The telc certificate examinations are standardized and the certificates are recognized in Germany by public institutions and in the world of work as well as generally also by colleges and universities.

A1/A2 Exams 2019:

  1. 27. February
    (registration till: 29. Januar)
  2. 8. May
    (registration till: 9. April)
  3. 17. July
    (registration till: 12. Juni)
  4. 25. September
    (registration till: 21. August)
  5. 4. December
    (registration till: 30. Oktober)

14.00 - 16.30 CET

ifa Akademie students: 110,- €
External students: 125,- €

B1/B2  Exams 2019:

  1. 9. March
    (registration till: 08. February)
  2. 12. Oktober
    (registration till: 07. September)

Time: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


ifa Akademie students: 145,- €
External students: 160,- €

C1 Prüfungen 2019:

  1. 09. March
    (registration till: 08. February)
  2. 12. Oktober
    (registration tillt: 07. September)


Time: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.


ifa Akademie students: 175,- €
External students: 195,- €

Examination dates for Test DaF:

TestDaF (Test of German as a Foreign language) are international language exams for all those with advanced German language skills and who wish to receive certified evidence of their skills. 

Should you wish to study at a German university or an university in a German speaking country, a TestDaF exam will provide evidence of your German language skills needed to follow an university program in Germany. 

Exams 2019:

February 12 2019
(Registration between: November 20 1018 - January 15 2019)

April 10 2019
(Registration between: March 1 - March 13 2019)

May 23 2019

(Registration between: March 28 - April 25 2019)

Exams 2019:

July 18 2019 
(Registration between: May 23 - June 20 2019)

September 12 2019 
(Registration between: July 18 - August 15 2019)

November 05 2019 
(Registration between: September 10 - October 08 2019)