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Single lessons and learning in small groups

Single lessons - Fast track to success

All those who wish to learn German with a private teacher, flexible schedules and individual, taylor-made learning content will be happy to book lessons for single learners.

You are in charge of your time and the duration of a learning session. You and your teacher(s) will select the most suitable learning content for your individual needs.  


1-14 learning units (45 min.): 52,00 € / hours
15-29 learning units: 48,00 € / hours
30-44 learning units: 44,00 € / hours
45-59 learning units: 42,00 € / hours

Feel free to call us at +49 711 2225 139 or send a mail to for further information.

Small groups of two or three

Small groups of two or three learners can be fun to acquire a new language. Learning in small groups is also an option for all those who need to learn professional terminology for work. Groups are also best for couples and families. 

Fee per learner

Group of 2:
1-14 learning units (45 min.): 29,00 €/hour
15 learning units or more: 27,00 €/hour

Group of 3:1-14 learning units (45 min.): 25,00 €/hour
15 learning units or more: 22,00 €/hour

Feel free to call for more information or to arrange a first learning event in a small group +49 711 2225 139 or write to