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The „Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache“ (TestDaF) is a standardised language test for academic job fields. It examines speech competences relevant for universities.There are many reasons to apply for this test:

  • You want to study in Germany and the University asks for proof of your German language skills.

  • You have to give proof of your acquired language skills in your home country.

  • You need proof of your language level for jobs in science.

  • You want to acquire an acknowledged proof of you language skills at the end of an international exchange programme


The certificate TestDaF is recognised by all German Universities. The tests is designed by TestDaF-Institute – a centre for standardisation, quality management and development of language tests in German.

Test fee: 195,- €

Schedule 2019

TestDaF Preparation course           Examination date

  1. 14.01. – 07.02. short prep.           12.02.
  2. 11.02. – 04.04.                                10.04.
  3. 20.03. – 16.05.                                23.05.
  4. 17.05. – 16.07.                                18.07.
  5. 17.07. – 08.09.                                12.09.
  6. 06.09. – 31.10.                                 05.11.

Attention! You have to make a reservation at ifa Akademie first! After that you can register via TestDaF website. Our office can provide all relevant information on this matter. You can make a preliminary reservation for your favourite test date with the online form.

Did you encounter problems during your registration process? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

0711 / 2225 265