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International Competence

Our world is coined constantly by crises. What impact does this have on international cultural relations and educational work? How can players prepare for their commitment in other countries? How is the situation in certain regions? Who are the right partners there? How do I use current media and social networks for my work?

Our modular seminars are structured to convey players the political, institutional and cultural context of their own work and that of their partner organisations. They show the environment for effective projects. The goal of the seminars is to ensure the efficacy and sustainability of projects and programmes.

Target Group

Ifa Akademie offers seminars and trainings for all people working in the international sector. They are especially made for international cultural relations and the educational field. We offer programmes for international institutions, public agencies and governments, as well as for NGO’S, volunteers in foreign countries and groups from civil society.


ifa Akademie gGmbH
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The modular seminars last 2-3 days and are designed for 10-16 participants. All our trainers are qualified in moderation, coaching and evaluation. Our course instructors are competent experts in their thematic fields with the adequate regional backgrounds.

The participants will find a trustful atmosphere for studies and exchange, with enough room for thought experiments. They work on topics in the respective context and develop their own project scenarios. Key actors from the particular region or employees of German organisations will be consulting alongside. The acquired projects will be discussed in virtual rooms and can be used as best-practice examples.

Facts on topics, countries and contexts will be available in webinars upfront. There will be online options for preparation and roundup of the seminars.


Our seminars are diversified. Input of facts and skills alternates with group work, presentations, multi-media tasks, explorative learning and games. New working methods will be introduced, the analysis of dilemma, the coping with challenges, new trends and political conflicts and changes in society in the respective countries and regions are in the center of discussion.

The interactive learning comprises simulations, map exercises, debates, several formats of dialogue, case studies, meeting with experts, usage of different instruments of analysis, project management, scenarios and artistic works. All seminars will be evaluated internally and externally and accompanied by methods of quality control.