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Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

ifa Akademie Course level DaF (GER)

Our courses follow the Comon European Framework of Reference for Languages with 6 levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). The language training consists of grammar, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Content and objectives of our courses are structured in four fields of language acquisition:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Reading

Level A1

Elementary use of language 1 - Skills

At the end of the course the students will be able to understand and use simple sentences and every day expressions, that will fulfill certain purposes. They will be able to write simple personal letters, post cards and e-mails. They can introduce themselves and others and ask or answer personal question. Communication works on a low level, when the partner is willing to help and speak very clearly.

Level A2

Elementary use of language 2 - Skills

The objective of this course level is to enable students to understand sentences and expressions that are used very often and which are related to matters of oneself, the family, work, doing errands and so on. One will learn to communicate in situations of daily routine and will be able to exchange information on topics that are simple and relevant to the speaker. The own background, education and the direct surrounding and needs can be described.

Level B1

Independent use of language 1- Skills

After graduating from this course level, students will be able to understand the main points in a conversation that uses standard language and evolves around familar topics such as work, school, leisure or similar things. Students will be able to cope with most situations while travelling. Graduates of this level can talk about familiar topics and personal interests in a simple way. They can describe own experiences, dreams, hopes and goals and can explain their opinions and plans.

Level B2

Independent use of language 2 - Skills

Graduates of this level can understand main points of complex texts on certain and abstract topics. They can follow expert discussions in their area of expertise. Students can communicate spontaneously and fluently, so that a normal talk is possible for both sides without too much effort. They can speak about various topics in a clear and detailed manner and can express their opinion on current questions and show pro's and con's.

Level C1

Competent use of language 1 - Skills

Graduating from this course level, participants will be able to understand a wide variety of demanding and longer texts and grapple implicit meanings as well. They can speak spontaneously and fluently without having to think about vocabulary. The language skills are used flexibly in social and professional life. Graduates can speak clearly about complex topics and can combine different means of linking texts in an adequate way.

Level C2

Competent use of language 2 - Skills

Students of the C2 course will be able to understand nearly everything they hear or read. The can summarise information from different written and oral sources and present opinions and explanations in a coherent manner. They can express themselves in a spontaneous, very fluent and exact way and they are able to detect nuances in meaning.


Quality and Certificates

A good teacher is essential for good learning progress of the students. That's why ifa Akademie's staff consists mainly of teachers with a university degree, often with a special training in DaF. A trustful surrounding, cooperative atmosphere, innovative teaching methods and modern equipment in the class rooms are the basis for effective learning. Internal quality standards, cooperations with partners in the field of education and quality management help us to maintain our standards and develop them further.

Those who wish to study at a German university or an university in a German speaking country may register for a TestDaF exam. With a TestDaF exam you will receive evidence that your German language skills are profound enough to study in Germany or in other German speaking countries.

We offer the widely accepted ifa certificates. In addition, we offer Goethe Institut exams and certificates, telc and TestDaF. 

Goethe Institut certificates are internationally recognized documents which give evidence of your German language skills. They are offered for all language levels - for A1 to C2. 

TestDaF (test of German as a foreign language) is an international language test for all those who already have profound German language skills and who wish to receive an official certificate as evidence of their skills. 

telc certificates are European language certificates and can be acquired in different European languages. The levels are set according to the CEFR of the European council and are internationally accepted.

Goethe Institut Prüfungen
ifa Akademie telc Language tests
ifa Akademie TestDaF